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Paraliminals - what is it?

Recently I checked out one of my favorite web-sites for some relaxing ideas. This time it was Steve Pavlina's resource, and I came accross section devoted to Paraliminal audio. Became wondered - what is it?I read the article and got interested - how this can work? Interesting topics for self development and relaxation. The idea is that you hear specially arranged audio tracks where music and 2 voices are combined in a special way. And what is extremely interesting that these two vioces you hear simultaneously, one voice for each ear. So you should have stereo earphones for that.

To some extent I was ironic to that idea, but still very curious how it works. It was an evening and I wantedjust to relax after crazy workday. I selected the topic "Deep Relaxation" - it plays about 35 minutes. I went to bed and put my earphones on, switched the player... From the very beginning I thought that I just won't be able to fall asleep while listening to those voices and music, because it's in English, and it's not my native language. But eventually, after 20 minutes or so I started to feel it confortable and finally fell asleep, and slept well - woke up in the morning, and had a feeling that it was a rest I needed so.

There are also other Paraliminals topics, among them are:
  1. Anxiety-Free
  2. Automatic Pilot
  3. Belief
  4. Deep Relaxation
  5. Dream Play
  6. Get Around To It
  7. Holiday Cheer
  8. Ideal Weight
  9. Instantaneous Personal Magnetism
  10. Memory Supercharger
  11. New Behavior Generator
  12. New History Generator
  13. New Option Generator
  14. Perfect Health
  15. Personal Genius
  16. Positive Relationships
  17. Prosperity
  18. Sales Leap
  19. Self-Esteem Supercharger
  20. Smoke-Free
  21. 10-Minute Supercharger
  22. Youthful Vitality
So I guess you can pick some for your taste. Steve Pavlina has only 1 link to download free sample of these sessions, but it's no doubt that you can find others in the net. So, welcome!


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