четверг, 9 июня 2011 г.

Time heals, time cures

I know it's hard to beleive in these words right now, but in the final run I know that my heart had been broken several times, maybe not so badly like this time, but it had definitely been. And I recovered, and met Her, and thought this miracle was amazing, and I'd never had anyboy like Her before - true! And it would last for life, but eventually it wouldn't.

It's fraking difficult to let yoour partner go after the times when it was geat. And it's difficult to do it without that squeezing feeling inside, to openly wish Her a good life and success, and say "I love you" while understanding that I probably won't say these words for a while in the future. These sweet words that empower us, support us and are definitely the best words in the air that people can say to each other to express their feelings.

But anyway, the life shows that human being is capable of recovering from much greater losses. It hurts badly. I know. But we'll get through it, and recover, and the love will spread its wings once again. And there will be times to cherish, to care, to love and feel it in return once again.

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